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Protect Medicare for Seniors!

Our goal is to protect seniors’ access to high quality care, and we need your help. Achieving the outcomes we want and protecting programs like Medicare require people like you to Speak Out. There are a number of ways to get involved, and we encourage you to learn more.

4 Comments On “Speak Out

  1. Flash Pa Englert Reply

    I’m eligible for Medicare now. How will this work with my VA care?

  2. Kathy white Reply

    I am appauled at the changes in Medicare, Not only do they not make sence but they are designed
    to fool the public.. Yes everyone likes the testing perks but it is to document and separate the worthy from the ones that need care that medicare will not pay for / it is a push for euthanasia .
    the medication s are only generic made in Nepal , we are not worthy of american made products.
    I for one would like to know who is allowed name brand drugs FDA controlled.
    I will use 2 examples first the drug singular has for yrs been available as a generic Well recently Wallmart purchased a cheaper generic and I had a severe reaction to it . I had to show the pharmacist the label copy it and take it to my allergist to specifically identify as dangerous to others like myself.
    i happen to be on coumadin for previous embolisms and need back surgery as I am not a candidate for pain management. no one in florida will treat me so i went to NYc hospital for specital surgery they can do surgery … problem is getting the drug Lovenox which all people in my ball park of illnesses has to have prior to proceedures and surgeries ….. United Hc aarp medicare does not cover the drug so I looked for the manufacturer Sanofi for assistance
    well they turned me down because I am on medicare.. too bad if the insurance company wont cover it …… I am at their mercy as day by day I decline and suffer more pain waiting and seeking for some way to get the medication i need ……..This could be you

  3. Ruby Reply

    Yes I Think We have Too many So Called “Specialists” Who We Don’t Need<< We need To get Back To The Basics Of One Doctor ,and Let That Doctor refer us To a Specialist ,If We Do in fact need One, Cut Out All These Doctors That We Don't Need ,to be Going Back to ,Just So They Are Making money from Medicare!

  4. Freddie W mauldin Reply

    I paid in since I was 12 years old I’m now 67 still working.I’ll be working for one more year then I’ll just be on Social Security. drawing 1054 dollars a month. so I need all the help I can get that means I’ll be getting Medicare D A.N.B we need it.I need it.

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