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Seniors Sound Off: Learn About Part D and Get Involved

In the last 3 weeks, two of my friends have been diagnosed with very serious illnesses. One is enrolled in Medicare and has Part D coverage and one is not yet old enough to be eligible. Their experiences in accessing the medicines they need have been quite different and have led me to once again appreciate the security and strength that Medicare Part D coverage provides.

Of course the examples of two people cannot tell a whole story but I believe their situations do illustrate two points that all Medicare beneficiaries need to consider:

  1. How do we best learn about and utilize all of the benefits Medicare Part D provides?
  2. How do we support efforts to protect the Medicare coverage we have?

Over the next few weeks I have invited several people with great expertise in Medicare to help answer these questions. I also hope you will send in your questions, ideas, and concerns. I promise we will respond!!

Together we can work to protect against any threats to our Medicare Part D coverage.

Remember — your voice makes all the difference!!!