If you are enrolled in the Medicare Part D program, you know first-hand how helpful it is. If you aren’t and you’re visiting this website for more information, you may be surprised to learn that approximately 94 percent of seniors enrolled in Part D are satisfied with their coverage and 95 percent believe that the level of coverage meets their needs.

Our goal is to help seniors, like us, get the high quality care we need so that we all have health care coverage that meets our needs. Use the resource below to learn more, and be sure to also visit our blog for first-hand, Medicare stories from seniors like us.

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  1. terry v hillger Reply

    Iam 67 yrs old and I am a disabled veteran. I have been told I do not need to sign up for medicare. bur now i’m being told I have to sign up. very confused ?? any help would be appreciated.

    terry v hillger

    1. Bruce Amsel Reply

      The answer is it depends. If you have Tri-Care, you do not need Medicare Part B. If you receive ALL you services through the VA, you do not need Part B. If you receive any services outside of the VA, you should have Part B/D.

  2. Johnnie Cherb Reply

    Need all information concerning benefits after part A has been obtained.

  3. Birgit Reply

    I am not a Senior (although I feel like it, as I am disabled and I too am confused by all the changes the new “Oh Bummer Care”) brought forthwith. I was trying to answer a members question when suddenly it all broke lose). I tried to keep it short but I had to add the imperative info or y’all would be more confused. So, here I go (and any advice is greatly appreciated) I don’t mind constructive criticism, but please, please don’t call me a lazy junkie, as I am definitely NOT!)

    Hi Eric Vannes, firstly, I think it was a nice short and matter of fact answer you gave to Sheri Ball. But this is for 1 drug. Although, I had to purchase commercial insurance to help with my meds (about 9 per day) and was told this, that and the other by HUMANA on the telephone (of course, this is by a recruiter, who probably gets paid a commission), the entire cost, co-pay and what they cover and what not changed once they “had me”. I have had to live with a very excruciating, painful disease which eventually had me bedridden 8 years ago (after 2 back-back accidents within 5 weeks of one another in Mar/Apr of 2002, and only 3 months after my last chemically treatment for cancer, which I had just finished 2 months prior (Jan ’02), and that had caused me to lose ALL of my female organs at age 38(!), I filed for disability 3 yrs. later. Up until then I had fought like a lion to make it, get better, return to work, and be the best single Mom ever! I lost that fight, as I said 3 yrs. later, when the disease made me pass out from pain on a nearly daily basis. So, OK, disability was granted almost immediately and I was able to collect a whopping (834.- per month) A few years later, I was visited by 2 very nice ladies from DSS. I felt so ashamed because of the condition of my house, of all things. Well, I just wasn’t raised that way… dust, dirty dishes in the sink, not vacuumed, you get the picture. So, they told me I was entitled to more help… Home health aid(s), food stamps! They filled out the paperwork after taking a look at my bank statements. Well, my parents (both from Germany) were going to move here to live out their so called “Golden Years” and moreover, to be with their only grandson, whom they love more than life itself. So, before I became completely tied to the bed, I wanted to complete “leg work” with and for my parents before that grand day would come and started out at the DMV with my Dad to get his U.S. license. They [DMV personnel]advised us he needed an address and the easiest way was to open a bank account with my address on it, wait for their first statement, come back and voila. We did as advised, went to my personal bank (Sun…..) and dad deposited $1K for a regular checking account. Only, because of the missing SSN, I had to become a signee. No problem! (or so I thought) That particular bank knew full and well what my situation was, but did someone say a thing? No, not their problem! My parents kept money in that account and we were contacted (my parents and at least Mom came here for the permitted 3 month/yr. and later via telephone (by then there was approx. $20K in their checking account) to put most of the money into a Money Market account to yield higher interest, only did they fail to tell neither my parents nor I, that it would require separate signature cards). Make a huge story as short as possible, I never saw their funds as mine (that was their start into retirement, although they said if need be, I could always draw from it and payback later); however, 2 yrs. ago DSS asked/wrote me a letter, saying I did not have to come for another “check” with them, as they knew (from Drs. records that I was as disabled as could be and would NOT have to be re-examined, not their exact words, but I want to keep it short, the imperative word being “want” I assume 😉 ). A few weeks later they asked to see my bank statement and honest (or was it stupid? no, sorry, I had nothing to hide as I still thought), I had my son go to said bank and pick up all statements, as I have to circumstantially do my banking online. Now they knew about my parents (in both of their names, with mine as a co-signee) account and I saw nothing wrong with that… You probably know what comes next…, yes, I was charged with MEDICAID fraud. They want $4,400.00 immediately or imprisonment for the food stamps I supposedly obtained under false pretense! $4,400.00 from what? I can’t even sell anything else to get that kind of money and the money my parents had, which I though I had access to, which was yet another mistake! The bank froze it! And my mother, who now lost her husband of over 54 yrs., a little girl and a little boy, who met in the sandbox during WWII. But let me finish, as my hands are aching so badly from typing, and my fingers being as big as Cuban cigars and me hardly being able to see the screen! There was a hearing through DMAS (which had to be re-scheduled on the last day, as I was picked up by an ambulance via “blue light special”, and had to spend a few days in-patient, as I had lost a little over 70 lbs. in less than 3 months!) So, the day of the hearing came. The head of DMAS in Richmond, VA, the local DSS, their accountants and I. The head of DMAS asked her questions, but neither party was prepared with the correct figures, but I. I was put under oath and reported everything the way it happened and the voices of the other two parties got lower and lower. In closing statements, I was advised that the decision was to come NLT 90 days of that day (being NLT November 6, 2014 and I have that in writing!). But here it is, more than 6 months later and NO ANSWER; however, they were prompt to remove my benefits (i.e., Medicare Part D, household help, who made me breakfast and dinner and washed my laundry and that’s it as most of them hardly spoke English and did not have any degree, as well as my food stamps) and for the 2nd year I am supposed to live off of $870.00, oh yes, they raised it from $834.00 (whoopee!), pay my mortgage, utilities, insurance, food, etc. in an area less than 25 miles of the “White House”, where even down here in the “burbs” a one BR apartment would be at least $1,100.00). Thankfully, I had a great, well paid job, prior to the fall I took while at work, and was rear-ended 5 weeks later. But I had been good with my funds and keeping my money together, always saving for my son’s college, etc. Needless to say, my son never did go, I had to use the money to survive and paid over $42,000.00 for meds. in the first 3 yrs., and the attorney I had is in Federal Prison for forgery, theft, etc. He not only took off with part of my proceeds (as well as that of other client’s) in the civil suit; no, he never showed up to the WCC hearing resulting in them closing my case!) Now, I can’t have my prescriptions filled, my head is so full, I feel as if I am on a roller coaster that never stops and if I have to call or write one more person, I think I’ll scream so loud, my surrounding neighbors will call the police. I have no help, my son lost his teenage years and his fiancée, as well as the house he had built and only lived in for 3 months and is now so full of debt, because he had to watch me each step of the way. Seeing me deteriorate with every passing day, constantly whaling in pain, becoming depressive, losing my father and not being able to attend his funeral, not seeing my son graduate, a young man, who joined the JROTC program, was promoted to 1LT after the first year and took his color guard team to State finals. I am blessed beyond measure, that he did not end up on the streets, join any gangs, neither smokes nor drinks, has a full time job and still takes the time to come and fix me some breakfast and dinner 4 days a week! But nothing counts and I can twist and turn (I wish, I could actually do just one of those things for real!!!), I am still the “bad one, who supposedly tried to defraud the Government, a Government, I have worked for, for 31 yrs. w/o never forgetting to file or lying on my taxes, and who came here legally, on a plane (did not climb a fence, nor ‘paddled’ over here) married to a U.S. soldier for 10 yrs., out of which we were married 3 1/2 yrs. prior to coming here, so no, I did not marry to gain access to the U.S.; but as everybody vanished when my money did, so did my ex husband. I was wife #2 and have a 30 yr. old stepson, who lives in the home of the Super Bowl Champs 😉 and is ALWAYS welcome in my house) But he is happy, has a nice young wife and the 3rd child due in June, for which I am as honestly happy for them :) Can’t help myself… I love babies and to still have anger or hold grudges… No, as you can see, I would not have the time nor the nerves. And this is my story, I am sticking to it and don’t even have to call anyone at home :) Remember, humor IS the best medicine; heck, even God himself has a sense of humor, so how dare I not? With sincerest wishes and a hearty God Bless, I am saying good night… B.

    P.S. Thank you for listening…

  4. Birgit Reply

    See above for comment please. Thank you very much…
    I did win THAT battle :) , but had to undergo major surgery at 38. Prior to that they cut a little here and a little there from 1994 every year until 2000, when it was decided that we could not push it any longer. I don’t want to get graphic but what was suppose to be a little thing, turned out to be major surgery; however (since I was hooked up to a morphine drip), I walked the halls that same night and peeked into every room on my ward and asked if they needed any help or if there was something I could do. We are talking approx. 6 hrs. after my belly was cut from left to right. So, the next morning they told me I could go home. Well, I was home approx. 18 hrs. after surgery and then, maybe 2-3 hrs. later, the morphine was completely out of my system. Talk about going nuts… I was hurting so badly, and now can’t understand how the doctor could release a patient so shortly after such major surgery; especially since they knew I was a divorced mother with a 9 yr. old boy and nobody else at home. It took me maybe another couple of hours and I called my parents in Germany. My Dad said it was not good to cry so hard and to try and sleep a little. I called back a few hrs. later and asked for Mom. Dad said “She’s at the grocery store and that he’d ask her to return my call. The next day, she came in from Germany. So, now I knew all was good… That I did not have to worry about my boy, that she was taking over and said I have another little surprise and in walked my brother. My then boyfriend Dwayne (the only relationship I allowed myself to have after my divorce, as I wanted to concentrate on him!) had brought up the pull out queen size couch from the downstairs family room into the living room. He had taken two days off of work, to care for my son only like a father could; that is, until my mother and brother came. But he still stayed around; after all, our love was still “fresh”, yet he stuck by me and I will never forget just how a real man is supposed to act, until I was taught yet another lesson in this so called game of love. So, if you have someone by your side, let them help because love can, will and does succeed in helping anyone heal.
    I received preventative chemo in the form of shots until Jan. ’02. My mother and brother (whom sadly turned away from the family and he never returned for bad reasons, not even showing for our father’s funeral and I never saw him again. But my then very loving and caring boyfriend, who knew that I could never give him what he longed for, wanted for so long and still stayed on and I was almost sure that love was taking a hold of me, as he claimed it had him. As I said, I learned another life lesson. Be that as it may, at the age of only 38 I started menopause. But it’s over, just as what I thought was a second chance at real love was suddenly over. The woman who he had talked so badly about, the woman who had supposedly stolen from him, etc., had suddenly returned to the area and just as sudden, yet as sadly, my boyfriend began to pick fights, accusing me of cheating and I knew what that meant. After all, I had gone through this before. Young Ladies, take this from a woman, who has lived it more than once, when your man begins to accuse you of such absurd things, it usually means that the accuser is the one performing the accusations. It was not true, but when his neighbor told me that he thought I was now driving a white Mustang and not a golden one, I knew what time it was and so we parted a short time later, the day I was rear ended only minutes from his house. After dialing 911, I dialed his number and he claimed to be too far away, when I could clearly see the lights on in his house. And after the police, fire trucks and ambulance, who wanted to take me to the hospital I slowly drove back near his home, only to see that white Mustang his neighbor claimed to have seen for some time now. It only took a short time, that I asked him to leave me be, as I was too good to “play the second fiddle”. However, I will never forget his loving care during one of the most difficult periods of my life, when he stepped up and was there for my son, while his own father denied to look after him for 2-3 days. However, on March 18th (my mother’s Birthday of all days) I sustained a serious fall in an unmarked, chemically treatment tiled bathroom floor at work and was hurt badly. 5 weeks later, the day that my cast came off my broken wrist (my knee was not operated on until October 2002) I was rear ended in my car… I fought and fought, went to a Chiropractor almost every, if not every other day, tried accupuncture, trying to give my body time to heal but after being “let go” of my job (while still in WCC court, where the case had not been decided on yet!) I finally gave in and had no choice but to stay put, because I kept on falling. Well, the story goes on and on especially, because by then I have become completely bedridden. It’s been almost 8 yrs., but this wasn’t supposed to be about me at all. It was more me trying to take the fear out of some cancer patients, letting them know that although I successfully beat the cancer, it was a stupid fall and a somewhat minor accident that “took my life as I knew it”; yet, I AM still alive, in the most excruciating pain one can imagine, but I AM ALIVE! So Ladies, if you are facing cancer surgery, go! Don’t let it wait or give it time to spread. As crazy as it sounds, it doesn’t have to be that dreaded “C” word which takes you, it can be something as little as a fall and a follow up auto accident that puts you in bed for years on end. So please, please go and have any possibility of cancer NO chance to invade your body until it is too late. Please, don’t put this in “file 13” [trash], but if you can post jokes, then you can certainly post this. No, you don’t have to read what I had to say about the matter, but do read, the purple background with the white writing. Turn those numbers around… Please, join me in re-posting this most important matter, let’s turn that rate of 97% by re-posting. And let no more than 3% forego this. If I can do this with all that has been going on in the last years and I am fully aware that everyone has their own story to tell. Many of which probably worse than what I had to say, but DO keep in mind, the above is only a small (yes, you heard me right :'( ) part that I had/have to endure on a daily basis, like this months, where I have to decide whether to pay my utilities or have my prescriptions filled. Thank you, thank you for reading (if only a bit). May God Bless you and your, and may you or your loved ones NEVER have to face this awful battle, which I lost my father to on 02-23-11. RIP Dad, and although I KNOW with all of my heart that you are in a place where there is no more pain, no suffering… only everlasting love! I love and miss you very much!!! Gentle “Fibro Hugs” from VA to the rest of the world, B. <3
    P.S. And if anyone ever needs to talk, I am right here. I will try and answer all of your questions to the best of my knowledge, just try and understand that this letter took more out of me than you may imagine. I have to lay
    one side, mostly my left side, because that way I won't hurt as much. Take care and NEVER hesitate to call me if it becomes so unbearable that your thoughts are wondering off to a place you never, ever really want to go. I promise, I'll do anything I can to help you, and if it is "just" to talk to someone, who's been there, done that!. Sometimes it helps just to talk to a stranger, who's willing to listen, w/o judging. Please, take good care of yourself. Signed by someone who really cares….

  5. Judith Loy Reply

    Please don’t endanger our current Medicare coverage & for “seniors ” to come! Remember one day soon you too will want Medicare coverage!!

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