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We pull together all the recent news on senior health and Medicare in one easy-to-find place.  Check back here regularly to get the latest news affecting you and your health.


3 Comments On “Latest News

  1. Virginia Ann Brown Reply

    Why doesedicare doesn’t think. That your teeth affect your health.
    I am 70.5 urs old. I have spent a fortune my teeth. Now I need to have my teeth pulled and dentures. I am diable have jealth issues. I carry Hummandental insurance and they won’t help me.

    1. Member Nona Bear Reply

      Virginia, sorry to hear you are going through this. This page has information on Humana appeals: You may be able to find out more information about your rights by calling 1-800-MEDICARE.

  2. Wayson Spencer Reply

    Many seniors have contributed to their communities personally and professionally for many years before they retired. They deserve the respect and benefits they have earned over time. We as citizens must continue to focus on finding ways via government agencies, local resources and the kind, to deliver goods and services seniors deserve.
    I’ve been in the insurance and financial services business here in Oregon since 1993, and have witnessed many situations where seniors did not get what they truly deserved. As much as I try to engage in activities to make a positive difference, needless to say, I cannot do it alone. We must all ban together.

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